Chapters for UPG at universities in Miami

UPG Chapters are forming at MDC & FIU !
UPG Interns are getting organized on campus!

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What are UPG Chapters?
These are collegiate campus clubs formed by students who are also UPG’s awesome Interns & Team Leaders following official campus guidelines. Chapters will allow UPG to reach more students, faculty, administration, employees, and their families. They will do recruiting and special events on campus, and serve as an interface between UPG and the Campus, just as UPG serves as an interface between the Community and our Partners.

WHO can Join a UPG Chapter?
Almost anyone associated with the campus is welcome!
* All Majors: we need everyone to help create Urban Paradise!
* UPG has many projects that need artists, web developers, graphic designers, and other non-science majors.
* No experience necessary
* Faculty Advisers: some Chapters are still seeking Advisers.
* Founding Officers: to become one (which is great for your resume), you must become a UPG Team Leader or Intern.

Activities may include:
* Award-winning experiential education & Service-Learning for Volunteers
* Students, Faculty, Administration, Employees & Families are welcome
* Routine Volunteer Activities
* Urban Forestry: create and protect Habitat for wildlife… and humans
* Butterfly, Pineland, Hammock & other Native Ecosystems
* Urban Agriculture: create new facilities with Family Gardens & Food Forests
* Heirloom Vegetable Seed Crop for Miami & Haiti
* Urban Planning & Design; Public Policy & Education
* Leadership Opportunities
* Recruiting, Education & Outreach
* Interns Needed

Get Involved! We need more members to form strong chapters.
Don’t wait for the semester to start, we must organize now.

Please contact the Campus Organizers ASAP!

Jacky and Guillermo both walk the walk, and they are bringing UPG to FIU.
Both campuses will be engaged: MM in the South, and BB in the North.

MDC North:
Alejandro & Pia are bringing UPG to North Campus, plus leading projects at Amelia & beyond!

MDC Kendall:
Amanda & Sarah are bringing UPG to Kendall Campus, plus leading projects !