Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is among UPG’s earliest Partners.

ABOUT the UPG Vizcaya Mission & our PARTNERSHIP
UPG began our Partnership with Vizcaya in December 2008 with informal kids education. Since then we have expanded our involvement to include:
* Nursery Operation
* Environmental Education
* Organic Stewardship (removal of exotic plants without any herbicide)
* The Heirloom Tree Initiative
* Gather seedlings from Vizcaya in support of maintenance and renovations

Please see the UPG Calendar for our routine Volunteer Opportunties!


Most activities take place on the WEST side of Miami Ave.
Parking is in the Miami Science Museum lot.

3280 South Miami Avenue



The relationship between UPG and Vizcaya started with Nature Walks conducted by UPG in support of Miami Science Museum Winter Camp in December 2008, and has gradually grown every since.

Vizcaya is much more than a historic mansion and formal gardens. When it was being built, Mr. Deering required that the Hammock and Mangroves be preserved as much as possible. This visionary decision has ensured the survival of:
* The largest remnant of the Brickell Hammock, and the maximum biodiversity, including many Heirloom and Record trees…
* The last Old Growth Mangroves in Mainland Miami…
* Vizcaya is the earliest expression of Urban Paradise that we know!
* Vizcaya is operated by Miami-Dade County, and owned by the public.