Ban Fracking Quick Start! Petition + Group Letter

Ban Fracking Rally Miami: Jan 30, 2016

Ban Fracking Quick Start Page

 Thanks for getting involved! Background info is at the bottom of the page.

Community Petition

This is for individuals
Paper Petition
We are seeking people and groups who would like to help gather petitions.
We’ll be doing on-site training for petitioning, and provide info on opportunities.
Please contact [email protected] for a Petitioner’s Package.
We have a petition!
Screen a Fracking Documentary
Inspire your friends, family, and neighbors to join the Ban Fracking movement. Reach out to UPG to help coordinate a documentary screening in your area.
It can be in your home amongst loved ones and neighbors, or at a community center.
This is a great setting to collect petitions!
Some suggested titles are Frack Us, Dear President Obama, Gasland & Gasland 2 (among others)

Group Letter to support the Ban

It is for both Groups and Businesses.  Whether you are in a non-profit, belong to a community of faith, attend a school, have a for-profit, your group is a stakeholder.
Please contact [email protected] for a copy of this letter.

UPG Contact

If you have questions, please contact
Pete Gonzalez, UPG Director of Policy

Brief Background

We are supported County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava’s Ordinance to Ban Fracking in Miami-Dade County.
This zoning ordinance passed unanimously and as a result fracking is not allowing in Miami-Dade!
Miami is a critical part of the campaign to Ban Fracking in Florida.
Miami’s population represents a huge percentage of the state, so what we do here is so important.
With the local Ban, we demanded that our Miami Delegation in Tallahassee stands with us.
Now, we’re asking YOU to send the message that if your Representative or Senator vote against a fracking ban, they will be held accountable.
Take the Paradise Protector’s Pledge today – it will be delivered to your elected official on March 22nd as part of Reclaiming Florida’s Future. Click Here for event details
Need more info? See our full Stop Fracking page here.