UPG Taking a Stand Against Fracking in Florida


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Urban Paradise Guild stands firmly against fracking, period.

We have taken a principal role in Miami, organizing people to take action and call their legislators to Ban Fracking in Miami-Dade and Florida. Working in collaboration with organizations from throughout Florida, coordinated by ReThink Energy, we joined the effort to persuade lawmakers in Tallahassee.

Only You Can Stop Fracking! With corporate money flooding Tallahassee ($28.5m in the last 6 months alone), legislators needed to know we care, so we called and let them know where we stand.

Our calls worked! Several South Florida Senators changed their position on the issue and voted against pro-Fracking Senate Bill 318 in March 2016.

Next step is to #BanFracking! They may have been temporarily defeated, but efforts to pave the way for Fracking in Florida continue.

The approval of seismic testing at Big Cypress National Preserve.

Plans for the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s effort to allow more toxic chemicals in our drinking water.

Will the EPA protect us from Fracking? Their own Scientific Advisory Board, already determined that they failed us in that.

FPL’s fake solar amendment to protect their fracking interests.

(Read: “A Vote for Amendment 1 is Really a Vote for Fracking” by Sam Van Leer)

Revolutionary: Miami-Dade County Bans Fracking! 
As you know, UPG has been working toward this since January. Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava sponsored the Ordinance, which was co-sponsored by Commissioners Heyman and Jordan. UPG worked hard to demonstrate that the community supported the ban very strongly, and we collected more than 1600 signatures on our petition! At each of the 3 stages, the Commission voted unanimously! Even though Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on us, on 10/5 the Commission kept working. There was the 2nd Reading and the vote, and… Voila! The whole County has been zoned No-Fracking-Allowed!  

There’s still work to do! It is so important to keep the momentum we have developed, to push for a fracking ban in Florida.

Every voice matters.

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Editorials and Articles published by UPG:
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Media Coverage:
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Events, with links to Facebook Photo Albums:
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Energy freedom ride to Tallahassee from Miami, Broward and Palm Beach (1/19/2016 – 1/20/2016)