Bills to Watch this Legislative Session (2017)



SB442 – 6 Republican and 9 Democrat sponsors or co-sponsors for Senate Bill


Passed through Environmental Preservation and Conservation committee with unanimous (5-0) favorable recommendation.


Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources, Appropriations committee, and (hopefully) final Senate vote.


District 5Senator Rob Bradley Call (850)-487-5005

Chair of Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources, and a member of Appropriations;

District 27  Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto Call (850)-487-5027

Key undeclared member of Appropriations committee – possible swing vote.


Senator Bradley cast one of the 5 votes that passed the bill unanimously through the first committee. This makes it likely that it will have his support in the next two committees. Had he voted No, he would likely have followed that by using his power as Chair to kill it in the upcoming subcommittee. While anything can happen, this gives the bill the opportunity to build the momentum it needs to pass.


HB451 – 8 Republican and 8 Democrat sponsors or co-sponsors for House Bill


The bill is introduced for the 2017 legislative session and has been referred to 3 committees. (See below)


Must pass through Natural Resources & Public Lands Subcommittee, Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, and Government Accountability Committee, and (hopefully) a final House vote.


District 120Representative Holly Raschein Call (850)-717-5120

Sits on all 3 committees, and is the chair of the first, the Natural Resources & Public Lands subcommittee.


District 56Representative Ben Albritton Call (850)-717-5056

Sits on all 3 committees. Is vice chair of the first, and chair of the second.


District 79Representative Matt Caldwell Call (850)-717-5079

Is the chair of the 3rd committee – the Government Accountability committee.


District 37Representative Richard Corcoran Call (850)-717-5000

Speaker of the House – will ultimately have to call for a final vote on the bill if it makes it through committees.


District 105Representative Carlos Trujillo Call (850)-717-5105

Key undeclared position – possible swing vote.


District 119Representative Jeanette Nunez  Call (850)-717-5119

Key undeclared position – possible swing vote.

OUTLOOKNeed all hands on deck.

There are too many wildcards – representatives with undeclared positions. We need to convince targets to keep bill moving through committees and brought to a final vote by Speaker Corcoran. If and when it reaches that point, we will need to have enough favorable votes. That can only be done through grassroots pressure!


SB1238 Republican Sponsor (Senator Aaron Bean)

This bill would allow the Public Service Commission to approve additional cost recovery by public utility monopolies like FPL, for risky investments like fracking in other states. This bill and its House companion below are a response to a court case FPL lost – now they’re trying to change the law so they can have their way!

HB1043 Republican Sponsor (Representative Jason Brodeur)


We oppose these bills.




SB1700 Democrat Sponsor (Senator Gary Farmer)

This bill has no House companion, and would need to pass as an amendment. It sets stronger standards for water management.

We are in favor of this bill.

SB1158 Republican Sponsor (Senator Kathleen Passidomo)

This bill has no House companion, and would need to pass as an amendment. It give the state sole power to regulate matters of commerce, trade, and labor under certain circumstances. This means local laws would be pre-empted (be null and void).

We oppose this bill.


 Call. Email. Write. Spread the Word. Repeat