Paddle Out to Meet the Bay! UPDATED

Date(s) - 05/07/2022
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Pelican Harbor Marina


Thanks so much for your interest!

This is the first in a new series of full-immersion experiences that merge fun, exercise, and deep ecology.

This specific activity won’t be exactly what we had in mind (a fully guided paddle, discussion and picnic). Unfortunately, I have to scale it down due to back problems, which are impacting both my physical capacity to prep and paddle. I need to heal so I can get back to work.

We hope you will join us anyway!

BYOB or Rent Your Boat:

UPG’s small fleet won’t be available, so you will have to provide your own. 2 options:

BYOB: If you have a paddle craft, bring it. Make sure you have a life preserver for each person.

Rent: If you need a boat, you can rent one at Pelican Harbour Marina from iPaddle.

Reservations with iPaddle are required (link below).
CUTOFF TIME: 10pm on May 6th.
Please read the schedule before reserving.
PHONE (305) iPaddle

SPECIAL DEAL: 4 hours for the cost of 2!
$49 for up to 4 hours (same cost for either a 1-seat or a or a 2-seat kayak).
To qualify: you will provide UPG with photos of what you discover on your paddle out, or pick up trash.
Only 6 boats are available for this special (and will accommodate 6 to 12 paddlers).
Use Promo Code: UPG (Thanks for the support, Manny & iPaddle)

If you are new to paddling and don’t have a lot of upper body strength, don’t overdo it. A 2-hour paddle can be a lot of workout, depending on the wind and weather.¬† You can also rest, eat and hang out on the islands. There is no bathroom out there.


Miami – Biscayne Bay – Pelican Harbor


8am: Sam Arrives
I will be on-site to discuss the Bay…
This is a good time to unload your personal craft and gear.

8:30-9am: UPG Environmental Orientation & Photo Contest

Everyone should be on hand.

I will provide everyone with a quick familiarization with the Bay… including where to go, what to avoid, and special areas of interest for conservation.
Everyone should follow safe boating practices and regulations, and is responsible for their own safety.

We will discuss our Photo Contest guide lines and objectives.
Winners will get a free paddle experience from UPG.
Photo-sharing instructions will be provided to everyone who signs up.

9am: iPaddle Training  & Launch:

If renting a boat, you MUST be on hand by 9am to pick up your rental boat, and get their safety briefing.
Anyone who arrives after 9:10 may not have a boat.
UPG is not responsible for late arrivals (see iPaddle for their policies).
Since you are planning to be there before 8:30, that won’t be a problem.

9:10: Training & Buddy Boats:
Experienced paddlers, please consider pairing up with new paddlers to help them get started on the water, and help them get home. Normally, UPG would do this, but I can’t, so hopefully others will.

I will be on hand to help people learn to paddle their craft (but may not be able to do demonstrations).

Noon-1pm: Re-Gathering & Lunch at Pelican Harbour:

Sam will be back at the PH site at noon.
We’ll be discussing what you saw, answering questions, and and uploading photos.
If you brought a picnic, this is a great time to eat and recharge.

1pm: Rental Kayak Return:
Please return your kayaks to iPaddle by 1pm to avoid additional fees.


How to Prep

Eat a real breakfast – you will need the energy.

Plenty of water to stay hydrated.
Food: fruit, snacks and lunch are important, since you are burning energy.
A small cooler is good.
Sun hat and sunblock. I like a long sleeved shirt. You will be getting reflected light off the water.

Waterproof camera, video or GoPro.
Heavy ziplock to protect your phone (if it isn’t waterproof).


Photo Geolocation Experiment & Contest

The Bay is having serious problems due to nutrient pollution, Climate Crisis, and more. There have been a series of fish die-offs over the past 2 years that indicate that things may be getting worse.

UPG has been working on water quality issues (to prevent nutrient run-off).
We’re interested in both signs of life and signs of death.

1. Make sure your camera or phone has geolocation turned on, and that the date is correct. This will automatically record where and when each photo is taken.

2. Take photos while you paddle… so we see what you see.

Fish? Dolphin? Manatee?
Colorful sponge? Healthy or unhealthy Sea grass?
Signs of pollution, prop scars?
Dead fish or bird?
The nasty or the beautiful?

Take photos.

3. Upload Your Photos

Sam will be on hand from Noon to 1pm to talk about what you saw, and can upload them on the spot (multi card reader available).

Everyone who signed up will also be provided with online upload instructions the following week.

4. UPG is building a geospacial database…

Your photos and videos may be added and mapped in our GIS database.

5. Winners will be invited to have a free Paddle Out with UPG!

We will select winners for: Rarest Wildlife, Prettiest Vista, Toughest Mangrove (surviving adversity), This Isn’t Working (Infrastructure failure), and other categories TBA.




IMPORTANT: By registering this activity, you confirm that you are 18 years or older and agree to the terms on this page.

Under 18? Reserving for a Group? Contact Us

Bookings are closed for this event.