Hands Across The Sand: Training Video & Resources


Hands Across the Sand Miami Beach is often the largest on earth.  How do we do it?

UPG developed the Beach Organizer Method to transform people who use the beach into Beach Stakeholders: to get them off their towels and join our line.

We created this Training Video so that others can learn from our success. 

It is just 2.5 minutes, but you can learn it and adapt it for your use, wherever you are .


Join UPG at Hands Across the Sand on 5/18/2019. 

To serve as a Beach Organizer at Hands, please e-mail [email protected]

UPG is working hard to create a more sustainable Miami. We hope you will spread the word and continue support our organization.

Please consider making a donation to UPG so we can continue doing our work on the ground.