ACE Preserve & ACENA Picnic 10/16/2021

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This is UPG’s Second ACE Preserve & ACENA Picnic.
What’s the best way to celebrate when you vaccinate?

Meet Me at the Median! Let’s Activate our Median Park with a Picnic.
Let’s get together, share food, listen to some music… and ORGANIZE!
Why? FIU is still trying to steal both ACE Preserve and NE 135th Street.

The Picnic: INFO
This is especially for ACENA Residents, ACE Stakeholders and North Miami taxpayers.
Parking is very limited, so please walk or bike.

WHERE: It takes place at the Median right in front of ACE.
Navigation Address: 2699 NE 135th St, North Miami, FL 33181

WHEN: Oct 16th, 2021
8am: Projects begin
Check in at the Median. Workers must wear closed-toed shoes for safety. Family projects: gathering wildflower seeds for the UPG Nursery; Adults will be doing a Habitat Planting (Shade Trees) nearby in the Preserve.

11am-1pm: Picnic & Program
UPG will have a hot grill for your food and a cold cooler for your bevs, plus as much ice water as you can drink.
Bring a blanket (social distancing: keep 6′-10′ between pods please). Masks required, except when eating.
Bring a cooler if you come for the morning project.

Well, FIU’s President has been scheming (as usual) to steal the Preserve.
UPG has plans to stop FIU.

Back in May, we talked with the community about UPG’s vision for ACE and ACENA.
We’re honored by the strong public response of the community.

This time, UPG has some specific scenarios to discuss…
We’re getting organized… We’re filling gaps… We need YOU to prepare for what comes next: in the field, in the next phases of planning, and behind the scenes on special projects.

You’ll be meeting key members of the UPG Team (because Sam can’t do it all).

Community Organizer: Get the word out to the neighborhood, your building, key stakeholder groups…
Habitat Team: Get your hands dirty planting Native Shade, deleting invasives… transforming the space into a Preserve that truly serves people and nature.
Nursery Team: Grow plants and trees for our projects… in your own space!
Strategic Planning: Plan next steps, and carry them out.


2018 Content: UPG and ACE Stakeholders were fighting FIU to
SAVE ACE Preserve from the Land Grab!

Our hearts are with the victims

of the FIU Bridge Collapse at the FIU South campus.


Call or E-mail the Governor to Veto HB 215

Remember to Share and ask friends to sign. 

Please don’t take other actions at this time out of respect for those who are mourning the loss of friends and family. We will resume actions at a fitting time.

Sign & Share the Petition – Click HERE.

Remember to Share and ask friends to sign. 

Please Call Gov. Scott NOW to SAVE ACE from FIU!
When you call or contact the Governor:
* Always be polite and clear.
* Do not mention the FIU Bridge tragedy
* Do focus on the safety of the ACE Community.
Suggested talking points:
Please veto HB 215.
1. Please protect this community from FIU. Bill HB 215 includes a statute which will endanger the safety of 1,000 families and hurt their private property values by taking away their city’s right to protect them and their local Environmental Preserve.
Florida Legislature operates under ‘single subject’ rule. An amendment, offered on HB 215 (and failed on multiple other non-related legislation) has passed.
This amendment sponsored by FIU, has nothing to do with defining AutoCycles. It creates a vehicle road that would go through a designated nature preserve and opens an alternative thru road to the University for thousands of cars in a residential community with a passive park median.
Contact Gov Rick Scott:
Phone: (850) 717-9337
Link for E-mail:
Photo: Residents of the ACE Neighborhood meet to discuss stopping FIU from taking their Environmental Preserve and their Street.


Voting has completed in the Florida Senate (3/9) and House (3/10).
FIU won this battle.

Arch Creek East Environmental Preserve and ACENA are Under Attack

Note: this website will be updated constantly as new info becomes available.
Latest update: March 10th @ 3pm.


Click for the  Save ACE Preserve White Paper

Click for the New Times story on the land theft

FIU claims they need to steal the Preserve for “Student Safety”. North Miami Police Chief Kenneth Each (Retired) said this is “nonsense” on the March 5th Townhall Call. Listen to his statement here.

This is the 4th time that FIU has attempted to steal ACE Preserve.
This bullying has to stop.


The Senate and House both approved HB215.
Section 334.352  / Lines 248-260 of the Bill.
Bill Text:

Now it goes to the Governor to sign.


Please see the top of the page.

Please stand by. Join us. Plan with us.

Take the ACE Survey: What do YOU think the Preserve needs?  Click HERE!  

ACE Volunteer Opportunities List HERE!

ACE Project is a PSC Grant WINNER! 

UPG is honored to be selected as a PSC Grant Winner!
We will transform part of Arch Creek East Environmental Preserve into Native Habitat where the community can be immersed in nature while they walk, bike, dog-walk, meditate… there will be Nature Trails, interpretive signage, and a young forest we shall protect and nurture.

Supersize this project? Yes, Please! 
Being a PSC finalist catalyzed much bigger impacts: The City of North Miami is pledged substantial funding, allowing us to triple the project scope to around 1.8 acres!  Big THANKS to NM Councilman Scott Galvin for his strong support – past, present & future – and to NM staff who are working with UPG to carry out our plan.

We are very grateful to our many Partners who are helping us build our TREES program, especially Emerge Miami! Thanks to our friends at Miami-Dade County Parks ,we have a thriving nursery growing trees for this project. Miami Dade College has been a wonderful partner, and Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy – Miami Dade College has pledged continued support. ACENA – Arch Creek East Neighborhood Association will be bringing neighborhood volunteers out!

Hats Off to UPG’s amazing Volunteers! 
UPG has been working at ACE for 4.5 years. Volunteers have been working there almost every week, month after month. They conquered Burma Reed. They planted mangroves. They took out Australian Pines, Brazilian Peppers, Air Potatoes, Oyster Plants… and they planted several Demonstration Habitats.
Their hard work showed the City and the Foundation what is possible.

This project fulfills goals of the Miami-Dade County Open Spaces Master Plan.
It is the only PSC Winner in North Miami or NMB.

Moving forward, we seek NEW PARTNERS in the NM areaStudents will experience our award-winning Service-Learning, and earn service hours. Faculty will find Experiential projects to compliment their classroom content. Community groups will help create transformation. Faith-based groups will find new paths to stewardship. Bike groups will create a new oasis. Nature groups will help make life possible for generations of wildlife! We will all work and learn together, and it is all good!

This is UPG’s second PSC Grant (our first was in 2013 for Amelia). It is our third time being a PSC Finalist. We truly appreciate the confidence and support of The Miami Foundation and Foundation Funders for our vision, creativity… and our work ethic!

This is our *original* concept. It is 3x bigger now, thanks to North Miami!  Read all about it:  Click here!

Take the ACE Survey: What do YOU think the Preserve needs?  Click HERE! 

Photos & Video:

About ACE Preserve:

ACE (Arch Creek East Environmental) Preserve is a City of North Miami Park. It is located along Biscayne Bay, between NE 135th Street and FIU Biscayne Bay Campus.

2605 NE 135th St.
North Miami,  FL 33181

UPG has been working at ACE Preserve for more than 4 years… but don’t take our word for it…

A picture is worth 1,000 words… so here are photos plus video!

Video: Young Manatee in the Preserve July 2016

Photos: Please visit our UPG Facebook Group, and search for “ACE”. You will find many photos of UPG Volunteers making progress… and of Nature