UPG is Pausing Volunteer Operations for CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus is here: 2 cases have been confirmed in Miami-Dade, and 10 next door in Broward. It is a Pandemic (World Health Organization), and we must all do our parts.

UPG works every week to safeguard our community, and we are taking appropriate measures for CoronaVirus.

Effective Immediately:

UPG Volunteer Operations are paused until further notice. All public Volunteer Opportunities will be removed from the Calendar, and all who have signed up will be informed.

UPG Volunteer Staff may continue operations. Interns and Team Leaders will care for plants in our nurseries, and maintain progress in our habitat projects. Our Staff will be provided with special training in “social distance” protocols for working, tool use, hydration, etc.

Trainees for Volunteer Staff are welcome. Any who would like to join the UPG Volunteer Staff should read about opportunities and commitments here and contact me (Sam).
These activities are not open to the public (sorry).

We are a Guild, and we change the world. None of us expected to have to deal with a Pandemic, but here we are. 
We are not powerless. 
We have science, determination and creativity, and we will continue to serve all of Mother Nature’s children.

We Urge You To Take CoronaVirus Seriously.

This is a Pandemic, and the United States is woefully unprepared.
Italy followed a similar path, and as a result, their hospital capacity has been exceeded, and is now in collapse.

Please take all possible precautions to protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Avoid large groups to avoid catching it and spreading it

Please stay informed about COVID-19.

US CDC: Recognize the symptoms of COVID-19.
Johns Hopkins Global Pandemic Map (for computer) and Mobile Version
Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Info & Status.
US CDC: COVID-19 Overview.