Hurricane Response

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Irma & Maria Hurricane Relief

A Disaster Response Hub is now operating in Wynwood. It integrates professional Disaster Management with can-do local non-profit skillsets and for-profit resources. We started out providing solutions to Miami and the Keys after Irma, and now we are working with new partners to help people in Puerto Rico, the USVI and beyond.

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Puerto Rico Update 9/27

We were informed on 9/27 around 6pm that the PR Gov’t and FEMA finally opened up the island for aid. All shipments must go through Unidos por Puerto Rico. UPG and partners were provided with a procedure for shipments.


Sam Van Leer Cell 305-758-5119 / e-mail [email protected].


NOTE that we are migrating to a new address. 
Our warehouse is a base for both Logistics and Volunteers is at:

537 NW 24th St / Miami, FL  33127

FL Keys Donations: You must specify “this is for the FL Keys” when you drop of, or your donation goes into general inventory.


  1. Wish List: Click Here. Corporate Donors are ESPECIALLY needed. Come on, please step up.
  2. Funding.
  3. Staff. We need Volunteer Staff (sorry, no pay). ESPECIALLY people to help mange logistics, inventory, etc. Of course if we had the Funding… see below.
  4. Volunteers: See our Calendar for Volunteer Opportunities. Click Here.

Click Here for IRMA Donations Wish List

This includes: Items Needed Equipment Needed Drive-In Delivery

Please donate items by the case if you can. This is MUCH easier for our Volunteers to pack on pallets.
Needed: bottled water, baby wipes, diapers, baby formula, pain relief medication for adults and children, canned milk, mosquito repellent, stomach relief and diarrhea medication, first-aid kits.

Not Needed: Used clothing, old blankets, cooked food.
Please don’t drop these items off – we can not distribute them. Thanks for understanding. 

 Volunteer Staff Needed 

UPG needs Volunteer Staff to provide critical functions.

Warehouse Manager
Shift Supervisors
Logistics Coordinator
Forklift Operator

Partner Relations
Field Supervisor

Seeds Coordinator

Fundraising Leader

For now: To offer support, contact me by e-mail: [email protected]. Include your name, cell#, the type of support you can provide.   How to Support the Response:   ======================== 100% will be used for IRMA Response. Please SHARE. If YOU shop at Amazon, please use this link. Each purchase generates a DONATION to UPG! Through December 31, 2017…

======================== Media Info:   Irma Response: Articles about the Miami CEOC