Welcome to the UPG Amelia Garden Center in Hialeah!
Updated 2/17/2016

Concept for the UPG Garden Center at Amelia… 



Reservations are required. Please see the Calendar.

You will also find the UPG Amelia Map, and tips for how to prepare.


Navigation Address
101 West 74th Place,
Hialeah, FL 33013
(Take Red Road, turn East on West 74th Place. There is a Taco Bell restaurant on the corner)

Use the map from the Calendar to find us.

Navigation Notes
This is the navigation address we use for the Urban Paradise Center, which is on the west side of the Park.
Amelia is 540 acres, and UPG works in non-public areas.
Don’t use the main entrance of the Park unless we provide you with specific instructions.

Amelia Earhart County Park:
UPG operates in this huge park, so be sure to follow reservation procedures on the Calendar.
You won’t find us without the map we provide.

UPG is building a completely new
AMELIA: serving Hialeah, Opa-Locka, North Miami, Amelia Earhart Park and the surroundings.
Each one will have:
* Well for water (the plants like water!)
* Shade House Nursery 20’x60′ for baby plants
* Full Sun Nursery for adult trees and plants
* Irrigation
* Raised-Bed Organic Gardens for low-income families
* Education Center
* Butterfly Gardens (huge ones!)
Please visit, since some of this stuff may be cluttering up your life…

We need YOUR SUPPORT to increase our IMPACT:
Please see our WISH LIST at:

Please see the Calendar for specific Volunteer Opportunities at:
Amelia also serves Amelia Earhart County Park.
Projects may take place within the Center, or elsewhere in the Park, such as the Mountain Bike Trails (active UPG Habitat projects began in February 2011).

We are building the Urban Paradise Center at Amelia.
Once complete, this 2.5 acre facility will include:
* Native Tree & Plant Nursery
* Fruit Tree Nursery
* Veggie Nursery
* Family Garden Space (300+ raised beds, each one 4′ x 13′ )
This is going to take a lot of work and resources, and we need your help!

Site prep:
* Removing the Destructive Exotic jungle
* Removing junk
* Solarizing

The Nurseries will be Volunteer-operated, and will grow the plants that UPG uses to CHANGE THE WORLD!


UPG has been protecting and enhancing the Mountain Bike Trail area known as The Sandbowl since February 2011.
* Removal and control of Destructive Exotics
* Planting of Natives to provide shade and trail dividers for Bikers
* Creating a Rest Area for Bikers


Area Steward Trainees
Nursery Manager Trainees
Nursery Staff Trainees
Organic Stewardship Specialists
Team Leaders
Organic Gardeners
Many other positions exist – just ask!

Interns and Team Leader of most majors and specialties are needed by UPG…
* Earth Sciences
* Agriculture
* Marine Science
* Arts
* Techies: hardware, software, web development
* Extreme Sports Cross-training

For more info, please see Volunteering.


UPG has Adopted Amelia Earhart M-D County Park as a Location and Partner. This is effective February 2011. As a Full Location Adoption, UPG Hialeah Operations will eventually include [effective date]:
* Organic Stewardship [Feb 2011]
* Establish a Nursery for Natives (trees, shrubs, grasses, wetland species, etc), vegetables and fruit trees. [Feb or Mar, 2011]
* Demonstration Veggie Garden [Feb or Mar, 2011]
* Educational programs [structured: coming soon, informal: ongoing]