Be Climate Active.

UPG is Miami’s first Climate Active organization, founded in 2008.

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What is Climate Active?

Climate Active means fighting the causes and effects of Climate Crisis. There’s work to do, there are people and wildlife that need our help, and we’re not waiting. We’re not whining and begging, we are working and demanding.
We are healing the damage created by past generations, healing the ignorance and the culture of greed that threatens to jump to the next generations. We are preparing today’s people to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Climate Active means projects that both fight Climate Crisis and make the world a better place today…

What Climate Active is NOT

We are not passive.
We are not waiting for corporations and governments to stop pretending.
We are not just shaking our finger and saying “no”.
We are not standing by while the Climate Crisis harms our sisters and brothers.
We are not posturing and pretending to lead.
We will not go quietly.

Climate Active

If YOU are Climate Active, it means that you are making time to do something with real impact on the Climate Crisis. You are a bad-ass who doesn’t accept that we can’t change things… and your actions speak louder than any words ever could.

How do UPG members get Climate Active?
They join a UPG Team… and either invest in learning the skills… or they mentor others… and they get work done.

UPG Free Gardens program brings gardening to the family.
How: education, carbon prevention, reduced pollution (plus all the health, fiscal and community benefits).

POLICY = Climate Active
UPG Policy is fighting to create better environmental policies. Wins? UPG provided key strategic leadership that created the Consensus Master Plan for Virginia Key (~2010), stopped the River of Grass Greenway (~2015) and led the Miami-Dade County Fracking Ban (~2017), to name some notable ones. Truth: we were just getting warmed up for what comes next.
How: Wise environmental, energy and transit policy starts with the people. UPG gets it done.

PLANNING = Climate Active

Building Vegetable Gardens for Food Security = Climate Active (education, carbon prevention, reduced pollution)
Fighting for Climate Justice = Climate Active (mobilizing, educating, protecting)
Planting Mangroves = Climate Active (green defenses, fish estuaries, water filters, carbon capture)
Running a Nursery = Climate Active (carbon capture & prevention, enables UPG habitat & agriculture)
Making Documentaries = Climate Active (motivating & education the community)
Seeds for Haiti = Climate Active (humanitarian climate disaster aid, carbon prevention, education)
Business Projects = Climate Active (non-profits need to take care of biz to enable everything we do)
Recruiting = Climate Active (including recruiting you right now)
Donating = Climate Active (We’re an operational organization with hard costs)
Fundraising = Climate Active (We have programs ready to launch if we have strong support)
Anything you do to support UPG = Climate Active (We are Volunteer Powered…)

Who Cares?

Children have the most to lose: it is their world the longest.
Teens have the most to offer: minds and bodies being conditioned for adulthood, but able to act now.
Adults have the most to motivate: their families children need to be protected.
Retirees have the most to give: time, wisdom and economic resources that are needed for the change.

Climate Passive means doing nothing much, just letting the world spiral and ignoring it…

because… why?
Too damned tired every day. (I feel ya!)