Ian Response: Community Nodes

UPG is working with a friends in the Ft Myers area to identify where a little help can go a long way for low-income communities. We believe the best way to do this is to help those who are already leading their community by providing them with resources.


Concept: Activate and re-connect a neighborhood with a generator, charging connections, tools, and whatever we we can bring in that will help.

Each kit should contain:
(This is a wish-list, contents will depend on what is possible through funding or in-kind)
* Generator (gas or solar) and fuel
* Power Strips and USBs so lots of people can charge mobile phones and laptops
* Tools for home repair (manual and rechargeable)
* Tarps
* Tents & Camping Gear
* Block Ice (frozen 1 gallon jugs) for longer lasting coolers
* Bulk Water (refillable jugs in milk crates or original boxes)
* Camp Stoves or Charcoal
* Medical & hygiene supplies
* Feminine hygiene supplies
* Baby supplies
* Cleaning supplies & buckets
* Other items known to be helpful (as possible)

We have 3 generators and quite a few tools.
Please donate if you can…

Miami Collection Point

Sam’s garage is going to be our Miami Collection Point until we have something better.
DO: Contact Sam to arrange a time and get the address.
DON’T: Stop by randomly, since Sam may be unavailable and appreciates some privacy.


We need drivers who can:
* Pick up in-kind donations from your immediate area…
* Drop off donations with Sam or another Collection Point
* Deliver to Ft Myers

Fuel-efficient vehicles needed:

UPG’s work truck and trailer are available for larger loads, but it is a gas-hog. For smaller loads, smaller vehicles would be very helpful.


Donate Funds: UPG is a 501c3 non-profit. Click Donate Now on this page.

Donate Items: Contact [email protected]. Include your mobile number, and I will call you.

Volunteer: Please take a few minutes to fill out our Climate Active Onboarding Survey, and select the areas where you would like to help out. We will be in touch.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.