About us

Paradise is not free. It must be created and defended.
If you truly want to live in it, we really need your help.

Don’t just talk the talk. The world is full of people who say “do as I say”, but they do nothing tangible.

Walk the walk… and Change the World.

Important Roles need to be filled:
* Volunteer Staff & Chief Stewards: Organize events
* Interns: Your Specialty & Leadership builds your career
* Team Leaders: Untrained Volunteers depend on you to be safe and effective
* In-Kind Donors: Donate what we need: vehicles, trailers, boats, tools and SERVICES
* Patrons of Paradise: Help us operate with the things that only money can pay for, like staff hours


Urban Paradise Guild, Inc. (UPG) is a Non-Profit with 501c3 status; donations are tax deductible.
Please visit our Donate Page for how to make a Donation or buy one of our T-Shirts!
You’ll also find our Non-Profit information and registrations.

There’s also a Wish List: your trash may be our treasure, helping us serve the community.


To get in touch, please write:

Sam Van Leer –  [email protected].


To see photos of UPG at work, check out the UPG Group on Facebook.



We all live in the city, and we all deserve to live in Paradise. Urban Paradise is our objective. Our Guild of innovative, skilled and hard-working people will make it real.

The Urban Paradise Guild was founded to bring natural habitat back to the places where we live.

Our city was Paradise before it was paved. With enough dedicated effort we can transform it into Urban Paradise, where the human and natural worlds blend more harmoniously.

When we make an investment by making small accommodations for nature, we gather a bounty of dividends that improve our quality of life.

By adding native plants, we create new habitat and protect human infrastructure. Plants and trees clean our air. Mangroves calm and filter our water, shelter our coastlines, and as estuaries provide us with fish to eat.

There are many essential roles to be played: volunteer, educator, student and benefactor.