How to Volunteer

Ready to get Climate Active? Got 3 hours per month to give?

Volunteer Opportunities every day of the week!
Just see the Calendar, and send your RSVP e-mail.

To join UPG’s amazing Volunteer Staff:

To get info about Service-Learning for MDC and local colleges and schools, please visit:

UPG is starting Chapters at MDC Hialeah, MDC North, MDC Wolfson and FIU!

There are many ways you can become involved as a Volunteer.

Good people of all ages are UPG Volunteers,
ages 15 months to 108 years.

High School and Middle School students can get community service hours.

UPG is award-winning for our college level Service-Learning programs.
UPG has been recognized as Community Partner of the Year for Service-Learning by Miami Dade College 3X in 3 years by 3 different campuses.

Some people donate their professional services.
Seniors share their knowledge and wisdom with younger generations.


1. Check out the Calendar at
We have 5 or more Volunteer Opportunities almost every week.
What UPG Locations are convenient for you? Which ones fit your schedule?

2. Click the links to learn more.

3. Once you select one, RSVP using the Calendar. If this is your first time, check for a confirmation e-mail to validate your account (if you can not find it, check your spam folder).

4. If you are younger than 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign the UPG Release. Once this is done, make your RSVPs through the Calendar. Turn in your Release when you come out to Volunteer the first time.

5. Use the UPG Maps on the Calendar to find us – we work in huge parks, and you will get lost without them. Check your e-mail before you come out, since we sometimes send weather updates and new info you will need.

6. Come out and work.
Check the PREPARE list on the Calendar for what to wear and bring, since you need to be properly equipped. A water bottle is the minimum.


Be prepared to work. UPG makes a big impact because we work hard.
You may get dirty, so don’t wear your newest, nicest clothing.

You will get a workout, but there are different intensities, from Easy Listening to Heavy Metal.

Some work-days involve using picks to dig out Exotics, or hand shears to remove their seeds.
Nursery Days involve transplanting from small pots to large, plus weeding and mulching and organizing. You may be hauling plants or digging soil.

During the Rainy Season we do habitat plantings.

If you are not prepared to work, then UPG is not for you.


Recording your Hours
If your College or school has a sheet for time-keeping, please use it (includes MDC and Barry U).
If your school doesn’t provide one (FIU, many high schools), please use this one.
If you are Volunteering and need to record your service, please download and print.
This was created for UPG Interns and Team Leaders to track their service.